The notorious Black Danny aka Danny Brown was at the front line of football violence for over two decades.  His life was dominated by those violent Saturday afternoons, following his beloved team Aston Villa F.C. and his firm the C-Crew.

His mission was to defend attack and destroy the opposition. In his prime he clashed with every top firm up and down the country and struck fear into those rivals that dared to cross his path.

He was jailed in 1981 for one of the most infamous football gang related incidents of the last 40 years. Today, Danny has found his own redemption and is not involved in any form of football violence, nor has he been for the past 20 years.

With the respect he gained over the years on the streets and in the boxing ring, he has turned his skills to security, personal protection and debt collecting, working in some of the roughest venues across England and dealing with some of the most dangerous gangs on the streets today.

Danny and long time friend Paul Brittle have written their first book together “Villains”. It’s based on Aston Villa hooligan gangs over the years. The book gives a sharp insight into the lives and minds of five match day boys whose love of Aston Villa eventually led to very severe consequences for them all.

It’s honest and funny but it’s also brutal; this book is essential reading, and is available in all good book shops or you can buy directly from this site and own your very own signed copy of “Villains”. The fundamental principle of books based on football hooliganism is not to glorify the violence, but to tell a story and give an accurate account of what went on. A lot of people criticise books based on this topic and believe they are morally wrong, yet the subject has become part of degree studies and course work in wide-ranging subjects such as Sociology, Law, Media and Journalism.

Football hooliganism is the social history of urban street culture and is pretty much a symbolic message that was unrecorded at the time but has significance today.

This site neither encourages, nor condones violence, it simply documents the lifestyle of football hooligans and their casual culture.

This site is also a resource for different levels of academic studies, so if you’re a student and require further information (questionnaires/interviews etc.) please feel free to contact me.

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